Mr. Nail. Yussupov

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends and Business Partners!

The AYTEI GROUP Limited Liability Holding Company is an association of the largest Kazakhstani industrial companies with a long-term business history both within our Republic and overseas.

The idea to establish AYTEI GROUP has arisen along with the ongoing integration processes aimed to consolidate all available potential of our companies so as to create a real force capable to effectively influence the economic development of the Republic.

The top priority for the Holding management is to support all of its member companies and enterprises in their effort to comply with the highest international standards considering environmental requirements, rational nature use regulations, as well as the industrial and construction safety norms. All works are carried out by the Holding companies at best possible professional and technological level this fact being confirmed by the international quality management system certificate ISO 9001:2000.

Our directions

Roads, Bridges, Tunnels

Construction and reconstruction of roads and bridges

Sand and gravel and construction materials.

Production of sand and gravel mixtures other building materials

Water canal

Cleaning and reconstruction of water utilities


Employment in agricultural sector